Course Descriptions for Image Consulting Certificate—150 hours.

LEVEL 2—Core Courses (6), 84 hours.

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Color: Everything you Need to Know (18 hours)

10AM-12:30PM Feb 13 | March 12 | April 16

This course will examine color vocabulary, systems, dimensions and harmonies. In addition, color psychology, color perception and personal color analysis will also be viewed. The learner will be able to use the essentials of color as building blocks to effective wardrobe planning.

Fashion Communication Skills (12 hours)

This course will examine the basics of communication. Presentation: verbal, vocal, visual, body language, writing and communication styles. Interpersonal: conflict resolution, leadership, team building, listening, negotiating and interviewing. Public: public relations, media, materials development, public speaking and teaching/training.

Fabrics—Everything you Need to Know (15 hours)

This course will increase your skill, vocabulary and knowledge of everything fabric related. Fiber characteristics, determining fabric quality, and fabric selection and care will be covered.

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